Laundry & Linen Hire

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We take your soiled linen and magically transform it into fresh, crisp and clean linen.


The secret behind the high quality we produce is that we do not accept any compromise. We either do the job properly, or not at all!


This is how we built our business, by simply providing top quality, consistently and without compromise!


Unlike most of the other competitors, we do not operate a pool stock system as we understand that each customer has specific requirements. Each client will have its exclusive front and back of house linen, laundered, pressed and finished to their exact request.

We can offer you the following:


  • A pristine linen hire service at highly competitive prices
  • First Class emergency response
  • A laundry service for customer’s own stock
  • Professional dry cleaning and shirt service
  • Mats/Roller Towels/Hot Towels service
  • Special occasion hire service
  • Linen and garment purchase
  • Labeling and embroidery of Chef Garments

Front of House linen

Back of House linen

What is so different about Laundry & Linen Hire?

Laundry & Linen Hire will offer you a consistent first class service in the main key aspects:


  • Superb laundering and finishing of Front and Back of house linen
  • Excellent customer service with an exclusive 24hour operating Phone line
  • Scheduled “on time” deliveries every time!
  • Reliable 4-Hour emergency delivery service
  • Competitive price plans
  • Flexible contract terms tailored to your specific needs
  • Periodic stock replenishing to maintain high standards